INSPIRATION  |  MAR 21, 2019

7 Outstanding UX &UI Design Portfolios

Ah, the design portfolio. No constraints. Endless creative freedom. It’s the ultimate creative catch-22. If you find yourself in this dilemma or you’re simply looking to see what’s out there, here are 7 exceptional UX/UI design portfolios.


Veddad Siljak

Simplicity is the reigning theme of Vedad’s portfolio. His work is presented in a minimalist fashion with sleek fonts and plenty of white space. As you click through the site, notice the subtle animations and transitions between pages or when you scroll. There's just the right amount of motion and it makes interacting with the page an enjoyable experience.

Andreas Weiland PortfolioAndreas Weiland Portfolio

Andreas Weiland

I love Andreas’ approach to his portfolio. One long-scrolling page with excellent design work. The sheer volume of work is impressive, but there’s no sacrifice of quality for quantity.  

Tontcho PortfolioTontcho Portfolio


At a glance Tontcho's portfolio looks simple, but as you peel back the layers you'll discover sleek hover interactions and detailed case studies for a plethora of design work. I'm also a fan of the black and white aesthetic, which allows the colorful work to pop off the screen. 

Marina Rachello PorfolioMarina Rachello Porfolio

Marina Rachello

Marina Rachello gets credit for designing a portfolio like no one else's. In just one page she's able to paint a clear picture of who she is and the type of work that she creates. I'm also like the quirky images used inline with text. 

Husame Elfaki PortfolioHusame Elfaki Portfolio

Simple colors, minimal layouts and astonishing design work is the formula for Husame's portfolio. I particularly like the two Nike case studies and how humanized the work feels when it's presented alongside lifestyle imagery. 

kurt winter portfoliokurt winter portfolio

What I love about Kurt's portfolio is that the work speaks for itself. His case studies are clean in terms of design but incredibly detailed in terms of content. He explains the process and thinking behind his work with compelling images intertwined.

ben mingo portfolioben mingo portfolio

Interaction, motion and quality design work is how I would summarize Ben Mingo's portfolio. He usually refreshes his portfolio every year, and the latest version is looking slick. I could spend hours scrolling though the home page, marveling at the intricacies of the interactions and motion design. 

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