UX TOOLS  |  FEB 25, 2018

Best UX Tools for Wireframing & Prototyping

Looking to step up your Wireframing and Prototyping game? Here are six tools that will bring infinite value to your next UX Design projects.


This Mac-exclsuvie tool is not only easy to use, but also a very inexpensive alternative to the Adobe Creative Cloud. Sketch allows you to rapidly create wireframes, designs and even prototypes with features like Sketch Mirror and Sketch Cloud. Another reason to love Sketch are all the free plugins and resources that really speed up your design process.

An amazing plugin to explore is Craft, which does a great job in automating repetitive tasks like inputing Lorem Ipsum, names, or even placeholder images. You can also use Craft to automatically upload your designs to InVision, which is a prototyping tool that we’ll look at later.

Price: In terms of pricing, Sketch will cost you $99/year, with the option to add users. If you’re a student or teacher you might be eligible for a 50% discount, which is the case for students who sign for our online UX course


Axure RP

Another great tool for Wireframing and Prototyping is Axure RP. It’s a bit more advanced than Sketch, but still a very solid tool for designing wireframes, prototypes and collaborating with teams. It’s the tool of choice for 87% of the Fortune 100 companies, and it packs some really cool features for animation and dynamic content.

Price: Subscriptions start at $29 monthly or $495 annually. You can also get started with a free trial that gives you 30 days to explore the tool.



Created and used by the design team at Facebook, Origami is a powerful tool for creating prototypes. Not only does it allow you to create prototypes with complex animations and transitions, but you can also integrate features from your phone like the camera, microphone and accelerometer. The best part is that Origami is compatible with Sketch, which means that you can copy and paste your wireframes/designs right into the tool.

Price: Zip. Zero. Nada. Origami is free!



Used by companies like Netflix, Uber, and Twitter, InVision makes prototyping simple. It’s one of the most intuitive prototyping tools on the market right now and it’s packed with some awesome features for collaborating with teams, creating design systems and even converting your designs into CSS code. 

Aside from prototyping, InVision is currently rolling out InVision Studio, which you’ll be able to use for creating wireframes and even final designs.

Price: You can start with a trial, which gets you one free Prototype. Paid subscriptions start at $15 monthly.



UXPin is a browser tool that’s compatible with both Windows and Mac. It’s basically a one stop shop for designing wireframes and interactive prototypes. In addition to the tool itself, UXPin offers some really great free resources on UX Design including Webinars and eBooks

Price: The Starter subscription goes for $9 monthly. You can also get started on UXPin with a free 14-day trial. 



If you’re looking to bring your prototypes to life through animations, then Principle is the right tool for you. It’s incredibly intuitive and in minutes you can add some really impressive animations to your designs. The downside of Principle is that it’s only available for Mac, so if you’re on a Windows computer this is not the tool for you.

Price: $129 with free updates for one year.

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